Product Sourcing & Manufacturing

All ecommerce owners understand, there’s never been a perfect time to be an online seller. Ecommerce products need to resonate with consumers, and that’s why a smooth network for product sourcing is critical for the successful future of your ecommerce business. Beginning from the way you source your ecommerce product, to the vendors or manufacturer, to the shipping method, each of these processes is discrete yet dependent on each other. Having a good understanding of product sourcing is the first step in creating an exceptional brand experience for your customers. Building a list of potential suppliers and manufacturers doesn’t reduce the challenges of procurement.
Omniqore’s global product sourcing and manufacturing consultants understand your business niche and help in supplier and manufacturer outreach through our extensive network. Our team of highly professional consultants advises your ecommerce business on sourcing, how to lower COGS and increase profit margins, and how to negotiate with suppliers and minimize the risk involved with investing. They will get you a better price on a product or minimum order quantity (MOQ) by negotiating a better deal with suppliers and manufacturers to ensure profits on every product run.
Here’s what you get with Omniqore’s Product Sourcing & Manufacturing Services:
  • Comparing shipping and delivery estimates of freight forwarder & 3PL
  • Minimize tariffs and taxes, maximize potential profit margin
  • Custom Recommendation of potential and reliable suppliers and manufacturers in your niche
  • Providing Process Evaluation, Troubleshooting, Supplier Survey, Qualification, etc.
Experience seamless back-end processes working with organized suppliers and manufacturing companies to bridge between you and your manufacturing process. You can source your products in various ways, including dropshipping, wholesale purchase, and custom manufacture. Your ecommerce business will highly benefit from OmniQore’s connections and expertise in the sourcing and manufacturing industry. We work closely with your company to identify and realize savings across all spend categories and procurement levers. We build your organizational capabilities so that you can sustain those gains over the long term.

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