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In the ecommerce world, a brand’s domain name is even more important than the signage above a brick and mortar storefront. It is used by customers globally to search for, and locate a digital commerce business online. If you are planning to start an ecommerce business or already own one, registering for brand registration, copyrights, and hiring corporate legal services must be some of your first considerations. Before developing your online brand, you need to determine whether your brand infringes on any existing business, also protecting your ecommerce business from the unlawful infringement of others.

Omniqore’s qualified legal team helps to ensure clients’ compliance in the ever-changing regulatory landscape in the ecommerce world. We support and provide expert advice to domestic and international ecommerce clients on the full range of copyright, brand registration, and corporate legal matters and develop protection-focused legal solutions that align with their specific and unique business objectives. The ease with which an ecommerce business can form has left some legitimate business owners scrambling to protect their brands. From cyber-squatting to global counterfeiters, ecommerce businesses face a continual threat to their brands and reputations if left unprotected.

Here’s what you get with Omniqore’s Brand registration, Copyright & Corporate Legal Services:
  • Advising to enforce copyrights in a wide variety of subject matters
  • Negotiate cost-effective, innovative solutions when disputes arise
  • Assist in developing internal policies and structure Internet-related transactions and licenses
  • Assist in handling all copyright/trademark prosecution and counseling matters
We also guide you to determine the proper course of action for the drafting of contracts and agreements, tax requirements, protection of information, compliance with data protection requirements, and international agreements disputes. Our dedicated team of Cyber Law consultants, e-commerce specialists, and IP lawyers also specialize in advising on new technologies, adaptation, and review of legal aspects of websites and e-commerce.

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