B2B Support

If your ecommerce business sells products to other business people (B2B), you know your ecommerce company has to provide excellent client support. By offering exceptional B2B support, your clients will refer your company offering testimonial and public reviews that will encourage other potential customers to make a purchase decision. Good word-of-mouth solidifies the decision for the selection of B2B companies. Similarly, providing delightful and dependable customer service will ensure that the customer not only renews his contract with you but will also be more open to buying your other offerings. The overall lifetime value is quite high in the B2B sphere, which means it’s paramount for your business to provide the right kind of support for all of their needs.
OmniQore’s B2B Support service regularly considers all the client’s needs, issues, and concerns that help you maintain a complete connection to keep all clients happy and loyal to your B2B business. Our B2B service isn’t limited to answering client questions after the purchase but also providing clients with a helpful experience beginning with their first interaction with your brand. Our B2B support KPI includes cost savings, increasing the efficiency of the purchase process, speed up order-to-cash (O2C) process, ERP handling, payment and delivery, PIM system, etc. Ensure your tech stack perfectly synchronizes to deliver a fast and streamlined customer experience, from purchasing and delivery to invoicing and returns.
Here’s what you get from OmniQore’s B2B Support Services –
  • Proactively deal with client concerns and Solve urgent issues on priority
  • Use conversational history to maintain a relevant context for a personalized experience
  • Collaborate effectively with other departments for a smooth workflow
  • Allow customers the flexibility of choosing their communication channel
B2B clientele is generally part of a smaller customer base, and this means B2B clients must be treated as partners more than a typical customer. Our strong B2B support team thoroughly understands the ecommerce B2B businesses they work for, including their industry and their clientele.

Effective Issue Resolution

Long-term Customer Retention

Advanced B2B CRM Systems

Consistent Client Engagement

Transparency in Communications

Personalized Support

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